Saturday, June 4, 2011

What I've been doing

Ryan's Office!

The company my husband works for recently closed their local office. They offered us a relocation package and things for their Fremont, California office, which we declined after much thought and prayer. Then they offered him an opportunity to work from home. We were hesitant but so far we are really liking it!

We will definitely like it more when he has a finished office. Right now he is working in the family room in the basement. It is so hard for him to focus and not be too interrupted. It is the kids family room/playroom so it has been hard, for everybody!

But he should be moving into his finished office really soon! I need to do some caulking & painting and then he is a go!



We have never done any project like this. No clue how to hang drywall or anything. We had a good friend give up some Saturdays to help Ryan do the electrical, hang drywall, tape, mud and all that fun stuff.

Then Ryan and I textured the ceiling and primed the room (Thanks for the ceiling texture how-to, You Tube!). Then we laid a wood floor (probably my favorite part of the room!).

Then my friend came over and helped us get started on trim. She taught us a few of her tricks and we were off and running! We had all the trim done in an evening.

Should be done really soon!