Tuesday, March 1, 2011

99 Bottles of {insert drink of choice here} on the wall

I was at a garage sale forever ago... definitely not recently because it is too cold and snowy here for year round garage sales... something I loved abut Arizona... What was I saying??? Oh, right, garage sale. This guy had a ton of glass bottles. I said I would take 10 for like, a dollar and he said I could only take all of them for a dollar. Um, deal!

I actually did this project about 9 months ago (edited to add: I wrote this post about 8 weeks ago but blogger wouldn't upload photos that day.... and I am just now getting back to it...blast.) You may have notice I haven't blogged lately. Anyway, I took a handful of the bottles and let Sunny help spray paint them. She chose good colors and went for it. Then we decorated them with scrap-booking paper or other pictures printed off the internet. The Blue bottle with stamps all over it belongs to Sunny. She keeps 1 single fresh flower in it most of the time. She said the stamps mean "All the places I'll go someday". She keeps a fresh flower in her room and has already made extensive European travel plans. Is she my daughter or what?!

By the way, I am blogging my kitchen. Now. It'll be up within the next few days.