Thursday, April 14, 2011

Jobs I will leave to the Professionals.

I am a Do-it-yourself-er, that is for certain. But there are a few jobs that although I can do myself, I likely won't ever again.

Like, moving. When we made our move from Arizona to Utah (on freezing cold springy days like today I am questioning said move...) the company that hired Ryan spoiled us rotten in our move. I am not sure I can ever move again unless some company is footing the bill.

Last spring when Ryan crashed his bike, my plate was full. He had a very broken clavicle, among other things, and so mowing the lawn got bumped right off my list and a new line appeared in the budget titled "Landscaper".

This leads me to my current DIY job. The one I have learned I am completely capable of, I just don't wanna. We started construction on the last unfinished room in our house. It is in the basement and will soon be Ryan's Home Office. I have always wanted to learn how to finish a room. I learned how to hang drywall. I learned how to tape drywall. I learned how to mud drywall. I learned how to sand drywall. Mud again. Sand again. Mud again. Sand again.

Just because I learned how doesn't mean I will do it ever again. It isn't a fun DIY job, in my opinion. It is messy. My back is sore. My hair looks gray all the time from all the dust. I have a suspicious looking white powdery dust in my nose at all times, I have a layer of dust all over my house. And I just plain old do not like the job.

I have learned how to do it. And now I have learned that next time I will hire someone to do this part. Hopefully very soon I will post pictures of a finished office.



Malisa said...

That, my dear, did NOT inspire me to work on my own basement myself... Always thought I would. Hmmm.

Amy said...

Hi Linsey!

You have completely inspired me to make over my kitchen. I too have poorly stained cabinets with some sort of shiny finish on them. What steps did you take to refinish? What type of paint did you use? Did you seal the paint after or are the cabinets holding up fine? That's my worry about painting them is the wear and tear that might show up quickly.
Also - what type of prep and paint did you use on your tile backsplash? Oooh - I'm so excited to get going. Thanks for your fantastic inspiration!!


Bridget said...

LOL! Linsey you are adorable. I just found your blog-this post SO hits home (and I know it's an old post, but thought I'd comment anyway!) ... I love learning how things are done and LOVE saving the money doing it myself-it's an awesome feeling seeing the results of your hard work and knowing if you HAD to DIY something, you "could"..AND it's nice to knowlegably speak with people (men!) about house stuff, etc (in other words "have a clue!" ...NOW-car repairs?sadly, I never have attempted to learn-and admittedly I know that glazed-over look is painted across my face when a mechanic tries to explain something to me-it's definitely a weakness of mine, but I'm pretty sure if I DID have a clue, I wouldn't want to do it! Big difference between "I can't do it" and "I just choose not to"! Sometimes when you consider the work you put in, the time it takes, and the junk you go thru doing it. [like dealing with all that dust sanding drywall!!] just doesn't justify any satisfaction you get out of it!) And mowing? In Houston, TX humidity and heat?! No thanks! And all the boxing up and LIFTING and big time SORENESS during a move?! Not in a million years (esPECIALLY if a company pays for it!!! Lol) bring up a very good point. Just because you CAN does NOT mean that you oughtta or wanna!!!