Thursday, October 7, 2010

Candy, Candy, Candy!

I found mismatched (and way cute) jars at a thrift store. They were .50 cents each. I cut out the Vinyl and filled them up with candy. As soon as I did, Boy #1 grabbed a handful or 3 of lemon heads, so I'll need to top those off again. But I love how it looks on my mantle.

I made a wreath, like THIS ONE from some Halloween scraps.

(The "Boo" sign is from Taipan)

I love the Mantle. So festive and delicious. (Ignore the itty bitty too-small candles. I need to go get new, bigger ones...)

But... I told the kids they couldn't eat the candy (Oh, the HORROR!!!) so it is driving them crazy! But it isn't like we have no other treats in the house, so they should be fine. Besides, sometimes it is a valuable lesson, teaching your kids to withstand temptation, no? :)