Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Kitchen Project Begins...

What have I started?!!?
I started the island countertop.
The island.
My kitchen is pretty big.
This is going to be a really.REALLY. big project.
Here is my kitchen:
From this distance, it doesn't look too bad. But when you get up a little closer, you can see that someone bought this house and decided to update it and flip it. Right. So he did not do a great job. Cracked and very poorly installed, glazed and sealed concrete countertops. Streaky, dirty and patchy stained cabinets.
So it was time.
I feel very accomplished. But sadly, all I have done (countertop and 3/4 of the island) is the island. So clearly I have quite a way to go. Maybe I will finish around next August.
Please let me finish by August.
The countertop before:
And Now:
The picture doesn't do the color much justice, not accurate but that is okay. Good enough. If you really want to see what it looks like you'll have to come visit...
My Totally unusable kitchen table:
And while I am letting you in...
My kitchen, and entire house for that matter, is a huge mess. Covered in sanding dust, wet paint, paint cans, tools, take out and regular everyday mess that has been complete neglected.
But it will be worth it, right??
Please say it will be worth it.
No seriously. Say it.