Friday, September 10, 2010

They were Too Blue

I had these candles. I wanted blue and at Hobby Lobby, they were just the right shade.
But when I got them home... They were too blue.
Not right at all.

I have this book.

"or, Life in the Woods
On the Duty of
Civil Disobedience"
By Henry David Thoreau

My husband especially loves this book.

Loves it a lot.

So of course, I cut the pages out and mod podged the pages onto my "too blue" candles.
Because, of course I did.

That way he loves the "too blue" candles too now.

(although he can no longer read his book... bigones...)

If I ever finish my kitchen, that mantle is next to get painted...

I teased that I was going to put candles like this in my older boys' bathroom so that they can still read in the bathroom but I don't have a pile of books, I just have cute candles. :)


The Ballard's said...

I read your blog, that is right, I read the entire thing tonight. So many fun ideas. My SIL and I have craft day with the kids every other Wednesday & I picked up a lot of great ideas. Thanks.