Monday, September 27, 2010

So this is love.

Once I saw this picture in Pottery Barn magazine.
Loved the picture hated the price forgot about the picture.

I knew you would.

Then I found this blog. Which I might have loved even more than the picture.
Trust me when I say get comfy and check it when you have plenty of time to poke around.
Her signs are so fun and fabulous.

I saw THIS post. DIY Pottery Barn Vintage Keys picture!!!!

So, of course I got right to it.
This project cost me under $10.00 and about 2 hours work. But the work was OH SO FUN.

I followed her instructions except for just one thing. She traced her letters on and then hand painted it. Mine looked like a 2nd grader hand painted the letters.

So here is what I changed.
I drew my lines and circles like she said. Painted it an ivory color.
Then BEFORE I filled in my black circles, I put vinyl letters on the inside of each circle:

Cheater, Cheater.
But worked so much better for me.

So next I filled in my Black circles. Once they were dry, I peeled off the vinyl. Easy Peasy.

And I LOVE it.
Susie mentioned that the only downside to this project is figuring out where to hang it.

But what a fun problem to have!!!

But you guys, hang on. Wanna know what I did? IDIOT. I put the parenthesis over the ZERO the WRONG DIRECTION! How stupid!!! Ryan said it can go to the outlet :) I had enough fun making it, I will certainly make another. With the stinking parenthesis going the RIGHT WAY. Bigons.

(WHY can't I take a decent picture? Bah! I swear it is not green at all. Stupid.)


Char @ Crap I've Made said...

It turned out awesome!

I just begged Leilani to make me some in my kids' initials. ;)

Heather said...

I am in love with this! Great job! I am going to try this task myself, may I ask, how large was your board or did you use a canvas?? Thanks for sharing!