Monday, September 20, 2010

A project 12 years in the making.

The year was 1997.
I got pregnant with my first child.
I was eager to get started on a nursery and I wanted it all done around one picture.
I wanted a girls nursery. All about shoes.
Somewhere in a magazine or something, I saw a similar idea. So I got right to it.

I started all willy nilly.
No pattern. No nothing. I didn't use a hoop or frame or anything. I just started stitching and hot gluing buttons.

Then I found out it was a boy.

So the project made itself a home in a box. Never to be removed again.

Until a few months ago.
What I would have LIKED to have done was scrap it and start all over. But this one was done. All it needed was some fabric sewn to the edges and a frame. Since I didn't use a hoop or anything, there is a wrinkle in between the shoes that drives me nuts. Someday, I think I will take it somewhere and have it stretched and framed properly. Or perhaps I will scrap it and make a new one. One where I measure and stuff.

But in the meantime, my daughter Sunny loves it.

They were meant to look like Dorothy's Ruby Slippers, but I used buttons, not actual rubies, so close enough for me.

Ugh, see how wrinkly??? I ironed the life out of it, but still, it wrinkles. I mean, in fairness, it was in a box for 13 years. So...


Becky McKenzie said...

What a cute saying! It is absolutely adorable and I think the wrinkles are a charming addition to the story. What an inspiration- thanks! :)

Lei said...

Linsey this is beyong darling. I am so in love with it, I am going to have to feature it somehow. I don't feature often so it may not bring you a ton of traffic, but it's just so cute!!!

Flutterbug said...

Absolutely LOVE this one..... and the story behind it..... *Sigh*

Katie said...

It is so easy to stretch it yourself. I used to do it with my cross-stitches. Call me- I will tell you how. It will cost you maybe $2.