Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Chore Chart. That is actually working!

All over crafting blogs everywhere, people are using frames for dry erase boards. I would link but to which one? Everyone I read has done one. So why not me, too? :)

I have seen a ton of them used as chore charts, HERE is one for example.

So I had a .25 cent frame from a garage sale. I spray painted it and put scrapbook paper in the frame.

Huh, really crappy picture. But then I have never claimed to be a photographer, so... You get the idea, right?

It hangs in Sunny's room. I posted the jobs she does everyday, the ones that never change. I can write on an extra job if I need to. The dry erase marker fits nicely on top of the frame. I hung it at her height so that she can see it on her way out of her room each day.

The best part is, we have had it hung for 3 or 4 weeks maybe, and for 3 or 4 weeks, every single day, her room has looked like this when she has left for school!


Mandy said...

So is the paper just laminated so she can dry erase marker on top of it?

Linsey said...

No, it is behind the glass. So she just marks right in the glass.

Sassy Sites! said...

I love it! AND I LOVE the lamp in the corner!!! :)

Katie said...

I love her room. So cute!