Monday, September 27, 2010

So this is love.

Once I saw this picture in Pottery Barn magazine.
Loved the picture hated the price forgot about the picture.

I knew you would.

Then I found this blog. Which I might have loved even more than the picture.
Trust me when I say get comfy and check it when you have plenty of time to poke around.
Her signs are so fun and fabulous.

I saw THIS post. DIY Pottery Barn Vintage Keys picture!!!!

So, of course I got right to it.
This project cost me under $10.00 and about 2 hours work. But the work was OH SO FUN.

I followed her instructions except for just one thing. She traced her letters on and then hand painted it. Mine looked like a 2nd grader hand painted the letters.

So here is what I changed.
I drew my lines and circles like she said. Painted it an ivory color.
Then BEFORE I filled in my black circles, I put vinyl letters on the inside of each circle:

Cheater, Cheater.
But worked so much better for me.

So next I filled in my Black circles. Once they were dry, I peeled off the vinyl. Easy Peasy.

And I LOVE it.
Susie mentioned that the only downside to this project is figuring out where to hang it.

But what a fun problem to have!!!

But you guys, hang on. Wanna know what I did? IDIOT. I put the parenthesis over the ZERO the WRONG DIRECTION! How stupid!!! Ryan said it can go to the outlet :) I had enough fun making it, I will certainly make another. With the stinking parenthesis going the RIGHT WAY. Bigons.

(WHY can't I take a decent picture? Bah! I swear it is not green at all. Stupid.)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Polka Dot Lamp

I got this ugly brass lamp at a garage sale. When I picked it up the lady said "Ugh, you can just take it".

Um... Lemme think... OKAY!!!

I spray painted it a glossy black. And found a red lamp shade on clearance at TJ MAXX for $1.99 a few years ago, I liked it so I stuck it in the "I'll do something with this someday closet". You have you, you know the spot.

We cut out white circles on my vinyl cutter. Not permanent or fancy, but she rarely even turns it on or touches it, so it should last just fine. I let Sunny stick every polka dot on the lamp shade. I desperatley wanted to go back afterward, when she wasn't looking, and rearrange the polka dots, fill in spaces, stuff like that. But I couldn't do it. She worked so dang hard on those stickers. She took maybe an hour doing each one so carefully. So I decided it was TOTALLY PERFECT. It sat so tall that I tied tulle around midway. Just the right finishing touch.

It ended up being one of my favorite little things in her room. Love.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Nightstand

Years ago, Ryan rescued a furniture set from a donation pile that belonged to his grandpa. Ryan knew he would suffer serious consequences if he let this stuff go to D.I. and not my house.

It was a vanity and 2 night stands. The Vanity you've met, HERE. And one night stand made its home in the salon as well.

But the second nightstand has been waiting for its place.

Sunny's room needs to keep a queen bed because she is the queen our parents can sleep in it when they visit. But all the furniture in her room was so big and bulky. So now the nightstand has a new place.

It started like this:

Sunny helped paint, which was fun for both of us.

Sunny wanted yellow, she prefers EVERYTHING to be yellow. Here room is yellow and red, so we painted it yellow and the handles red.

It looks perfect in her room. Sunny and I both love it.

Tomorrow, her lamp.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Chore Chart. That is actually working!

All over crafting blogs everywhere, people are using frames for dry erase boards. I would link but to which one? Everyone I read has done one. So why not me, too? :)

I have seen a ton of them used as chore charts, HERE is one for example.

So I had a .25 cent frame from a garage sale. I spray painted it and put scrapbook paper in the frame.

Huh, really crappy picture. But then I have never claimed to be a photographer, so... You get the idea, right?

It hangs in Sunny's room. I posted the jobs she does everyday, the ones that never change. I can write on an extra job if I need to. The dry erase marker fits nicely on top of the frame. I hung it at her height so that she can see it on her way out of her room each day.

The best part is, we have had it hung for 3 or 4 weeks maybe, and for 3 or 4 weeks, every single day, her room has looked like this when she has left for school!

Monday, September 20, 2010

A project 12 years in the making.

The year was 1997.
I got pregnant with my first child.
I was eager to get started on a nursery and I wanted it all done around one picture.
I wanted a girls nursery. All about shoes.
Somewhere in a magazine or something, I saw a similar idea. So I got right to it.

I started all willy nilly.
No pattern. No nothing. I didn't use a hoop or frame or anything. I just started stitching and hot gluing buttons.

Then I found out it was a boy.

So the project made itself a home in a box. Never to be removed again.

Until a few months ago.
What I would have LIKED to have done was scrap it and start all over. But this one was done. All it needed was some fabric sewn to the edges and a frame. Since I didn't use a hoop or anything, there is a wrinkle in between the shoes that drives me nuts. Someday, I think I will take it somewhere and have it stretched and framed properly. Or perhaps I will scrap it and make a new one. One where I measure and stuff.

But in the meantime, my daughter Sunny loves it.

They were meant to look like Dorothy's Ruby Slippers, but I used buttons, not actual rubies, so close enough for me.

Ugh, see how wrinkly??? I ironed the life out of it, but still, it wrinkles. I mean, in fairness, it was in a box for 13 years. So...

Friday, September 10, 2010

They were Too Blue

I had these candles. I wanted blue and at Hobby Lobby, they were just the right shade.
But when I got them home... They were too blue.
Not right at all.

I have this book.

"or, Life in the Woods
On the Duty of
Civil Disobedience"
By Henry David Thoreau

My husband especially loves this book.

Loves it a lot.

So of course, I cut the pages out and mod podged the pages onto my "too blue" candles.
Because, of course I did.

That way he loves the "too blue" candles too now.

(although he can no longer read his book... bigones...)

If I ever finish my kitchen, that mantle is next to get painted...

I teased that I was going to put candles like this in my older boys' bathroom so that they can still read in the bathroom but I don't have a pile of books, I just have cute candles. :)