Friday, June 4, 2010

End of Year Teacher gift...

This year, I actually let my kids have a say in what they gave their teachers. They all decided that a heartfelt letter from each of them, written BY THEM, not me, was a good idea. I agreed.

I showed them some ideas I saw during Teacher Appreciation Week HERE and they all loved the Rootbeer idea.

So Rootbeer was a go.

Then they all talked about what kind of candy their teachers liked and they asked if they could throw in a treat with the Rootbeer.

So we bought candlesticks at the Dollar Tree and cute plastic (kinda... that really thick hard plastic...whatever...) bowls from Hobby Lobby. The bowls were $2.99 but 50% off (Hooray for the Hob-Lob!). So we ended up with our $.86 root beer, our candy dish that was $2.50 and some treats in it. Plus? The really cute heartfelt notes (they really were cute, I should leave them alone to write all the notes, so cute).

I sanded the edge of the bottom of the candlestick and a little on the plate where the candlestick would be glued on, used E-6000 glue and that was it. Easy enough that the kids could do it.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Copycat Earrings

I saw some really cute earrings made from scrapbooking brads and knew I needed them. Since I am a copycat, I got right on it.

Peasy weasy....

Buy this:

I also got these sets:

Sunny and I have enjoyed giving away some pairs.

I used Ryan's cutter-thingers to cut the brad part off the back. The little bit I couldn't cut I just opened up. Glued and earring to it with E-6000 and that is it. I made about 20 pairs of earrings during one episode of Parenthood. So easy.

Plus Hobby Lobby often has them on sale for 50% off (normally $3.99), so 6 pairs of earrings cost me about $2.50.


EDITED TO ADD: I finally found the site I saw these at! I need to start bookmarking or something, takes me forever to refind ideas... Anyway, check them out HERE