Sunday, May 23, 2010

Not a seamstress.

I learned basic sewing when I was young. My mom taught me, I took sewing my freshman year of high school and I think I have maybe sewn a curtain since then. Maybe a table runner or two. Hem some pants. Skirts for Sunny. Nothing fancy.

So when I decided to make a dress for Sunny, it may not have been my best idea ever.

In hindsight, a pattern would have been useful, to say the least.

Although it was total trial and error, it actually turned out. And it is even not to embarrassing for her to wear!!!

I started out thinking I would do a skirt. But that morning she ripped a t-shirt climbing a tree, so I decided to attach a t-shirt. Then I had to put something over the seam where the shirt and skirt met up so that you couldn't see how crooked I sew. Then the t-shirt was boring. So then I did ruffles. I have never done ruffles of any kind, so I was pleasantly surprised to have figured it out.

Anyway, it turned out okay, if I do say so my (un-sewing) self!!

Mostly, though, it made me want more. I signed up for a sewing class. I actually really, really enjoyed it and am anxious to learn more.


Malisa said...

You took a sewing class?! I have been dying to take one. I've even looked for them, but nothing was right. As soon as I don't own two houses, I want to do it with you!

Malisa said...

Oh, and CUTE ruffles!