Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Everyone should have a Gina.

My sister-in-law, Gina is so creative. I can hardly even attempt a project without getting her opinions and ideas. She is always doing something that costs next to nothing and looks like a million bucks. Her house always looked staged for a magazine spread. No kidding. I love her, I love her creativity, I love her sense of style, I love her house, I love her I just love her.

Here, let me link you to her totally fabulous crafty-blog. Oh! Wait! I can't. She doesn't have one. Even though she should. It's weird, it's like she is busy or something. So, instead, let me link you to her etsy shop. OH, WAIT! I can't do that either. She hasn't opened one.... even though she needs to.

Instead, because I like you guys, I got her to take pictures of things when she does them. For a few reasons.
1. To inspire me.
2. I live in Utah, she lives in Arizona, so I need to see what she is up to.
3. To post here and show you when she does something that costs pennies.

Recently, she wanted to change the look of her family room a bit. So she bought a drop cloth. I think she said IKEA is where she got it. A drop cloth. Never has a drop cloth looked so good. She cut some off and made a little ruffle at the bottom.

Then, she found some really cute wrought iron hangers at Hobby Lobby (On clearance, for under $2.00 each, I wanna say she bought them for $1.50 each). Everything in her house is cute, cut look at these curtains! And they totally changed the look of the family room. I love it. Clean and simple.

She took these with her phone, but they still show how cute the room looks. I love the door with the "HOME" banner. Love.

Enjoy!! Hopefully I can share more of her cute stuff soon!


Malisa said...

Very cute. I love the ruffle. I should have a Gina.

I used to do lots of projects, but then I ran out of ones to do. In my new house there will be lots. Yay!