Sunday, May 23, 2010

Not a seamstress.

I learned basic sewing when I was young. My mom taught me, I took sewing my freshman year of high school and I think I have maybe sewn a curtain since then. Maybe a table runner or two. Hem some pants. Skirts for Sunny. Nothing fancy.

So when I decided to make a dress for Sunny, it may not have been my best idea ever.

In hindsight, a pattern would have been useful, to say the least.

Although it was total trial and error, it actually turned out. And it is even not to embarrassing for her to wear!!!

I started out thinking I would do a skirt. But that morning she ripped a t-shirt climbing a tree, so I decided to attach a t-shirt. Then I had to put something over the seam where the shirt and skirt met up so that you couldn't see how crooked I sew. Then the t-shirt was boring. So then I did ruffles. I have never done ruffles of any kind, so I was pleasantly surprised to have figured it out.

Anyway, it turned out okay, if I do say so my (un-sewing) self!!

Mostly, though, it made me want more. I signed up for a sewing class. I actually really, really enjoyed it and am anxious to learn more.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Another Kitchen Sneak Peak!!!

The whole "Crashgate 2010" put a stop to my work, but I am back on it.... Happily back on it.

So one more section is finished. And I LOVE it. LOVE. It is light and bright and cheery. It makes me happy.


The plug on at the desk is broken and driving me nuts. I have someone coming to fix it so I can fix the wire madness. I also wish I had any sort of photography skills, because the pictures do it very little justice. But still, you get it.
(also, my floor is so dirty, it's like I sanded, painted and bled right there on the floor...)


Someday I will get those floors refinished. Darker, like an espresso. But not until I can afford to have someone else do it for me....

Thursday, May 20, 2010

One of my favorite D.I. finds. Pretty much ever.

I found a table at D.I., a thrift store.
The second I saw it I knew I needed it.
But even though I knew I needed it, I still hesitated...
A split second.
And another woman swooped in and nearly stole it from me.

Good thing I'm feisty.

Super Feisty.

Guess what I had to do to it to "refinish" it.

Paint? No. Guess again.

Sand? Distress? Nope.

Nothing. I did nothing to it.

I don't know if I have ever bought something at a thrift store and left it exactly as it was.

It needed something above it, so I made the wreath... I copied Kierste HERE. The wreath might have taken a whole 10 minutes to make. Seriously. The only difference was I didn't have a drop cloth, I had some left over fabric from this bench and I only had a styrofoam wreath.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Everyone should have a Gina.

My sister-in-law, Gina is so creative. I can hardly even attempt a project without getting her opinions and ideas. She is always doing something that costs next to nothing and looks like a million bucks. Her house always looked staged for a magazine spread. No kidding. I love her, I love her creativity, I love her sense of style, I love her house, I love her I just love her.

Here, let me link you to her totally fabulous crafty-blog. Oh! Wait! I can't. She doesn't have one. Even though she should. It's weird, it's like she is busy or something. So, instead, let me link you to her etsy shop. OH, WAIT! I can't do that either. She hasn't opened one.... even though she needs to.

Instead, because I like you guys, I got her to take pictures of things when she does them. For a few reasons.
1. To inspire me.
2. I live in Utah, she lives in Arizona, so I need to see what she is up to.
3. To post here and show you when she does something that costs pennies.

Recently, she wanted to change the look of her family room a bit. So she bought a drop cloth. I think she said IKEA is where she got it. A drop cloth. Never has a drop cloth looked so good. She cut some off and made a little ruffle at the bottom.

Then, she found some really cute wrought iron hangers at Hobby Lobby (On clearance, for under $2.00 each, I wanna say she bought them for $1.50 each). Everything in her house is cute, cut look at these curtains! And they totally changed the look of the family room. I love it. Clean and simple.

She took these with her phone, but they still show how cute the room looks. I love the door with the "HOME" banner. Love.

Enjoy!! Hopefully I can share more of her cute stuff soon!