Friday, April 2, 2010

What Else

These last few days I have painted my backsplash. Hand painted each and every little tile (in one section, so far). It has been tedious, but so far I love it. I was worried it wouldn't turn out the way it was in my head... That happens so often.

I also repurposed the cutest little stepping stool.

Also, I made a cute little cake stand.

And, Surprise! Painted more cabinets.

Somewhere in the place formerly known as my kitchen but currently known as a huge mess, is my camera. And the second I find it, I'll show you all I have done this week.

Tools needed for all of the above projects:

Five cute kids who, with every single brush stroke say, "Mom, that is looking awesome!" or, "Mom, your doing such a great job!" or, my favorite, "This is going to make our house even more awesome! Thanks for doing all this , Mom!". This really will help keep you motivated when you have quite possibly taken on too much at once.


Sheree said...

I can't wait to see the pictures!

Casey Lu said...

Such awesome cheerleaders for all your hard work!!! You are definitely making it MORE AWESOME for them! LOL