Sunday, April 18, 2010


What's that called? The thing you set on the desk to protect your desk, or in my case I set it there just to be cute.

Here is what you need:
Mod Podge
Surface Guards (those clear, vinyl bumper things)
Another technical name here:
Thin wood like the kind use for clipboards
Is that called clipboard-board?

I just spread the mod podge on the board, laid the fabric down, smoothed it our and Mod podged over the top of the fabric. 3 times. After it was dried, I flipped it over and pulled the (about 1 ich) edge over, mod podged it down. 3 coats.

I stuck those vinyl bumpers on the bottom.

And Voila!!

I would show a picture zoomed a little further out but I am a tease. I don't want to reveal more of the kitchen yet (plus I am not done with the doors and drawers...)

It is coming along. I am using this bench as a seat at the desk. Had I known this I would have had a much better matched fabric, but oh well. I am not about to redo that. And mis-matched is in... right?


Mod Podge Amy said...

So cute! That turned out great!

Sheree said...

Cute fabric! I would love to know where you got that!

Brian, Nikki, and Nevie said...

Very cute! Where'd you get the clipboard wood and vinyl bumpers?

Malisa said...

um, LOVE!!

Jana said...

Adorable! The fabric is so fun!