Sunday, May 31, 2009

Fab Floor

And so easy!!
Here is the room before:
First, I scoured the internet. I had NO IDEA how hard it would be to find Black and White Vinyl tiles. I went to every flooring store in all of Salt Lake County. NOTHING. Lowe's carries it but only at the "midwest" stores. I could have ordered it from them but it was pricey and wold have taken 5-8 weeks to get here. Forget that.

I finally found them at a wholesale website. If I could remember the link I would tell you. So they were a great price, ($9/box, 30 tiles/box) best I could find anywhere. But.... shipping was nuts. The total cost of my tile was about $60. I ordered plenty so that if a tile ever needed to be replaced, I would have plenty left over. Shipping was $100!!! YIKES!!!

They are the peel and stick. Self-adhesive, giant vinyl stickers.

They were here quick, about 5 business days.

Next I tore out the carpet. I did not even break a single fingernail in the process. Which, in my book makes for a very successful project!

Next, just to be sure it stuck well, I primed the floor. I bought a primer at Home Depot. It came in a gallon, I poured it all over the floor and rolled it with a paint roller. Not perfect, just got it on there. In hindsight, I would have done a leveler, which basically levels out your subfloor before you lay your tile. My floor was level, except where the board seams were, they didn't match perfectly, so I wish I would have filled it. But oh well. Not a perfectionist, remember?

Next I laid the tile. I sectioned the room in quarters, finding the middle point and working out.
Peel off the backing, and get it as close and tight to the other tiles.

On edges, I used a piece of paper as a pattern to know how much to cut. Corners, anywhere, make a pattern with paper so it fits snug.

Someday I will lower my baseboards, but not this week.

It took about 30 minutes to lay all the uncut pieces and about 1.5 hours to do all the cut pieces.

I LOVE it. It makes the room.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Vanity and Mirror

Thanks for being patient (cough Deanna cough... just kidding, hot stuff)!!

So this is the table before:
Step 1: I roughed it up. On the table top, the paint was really peeling and cracking bad, so I completely sanded that. The legs, sides and drawers, I just sanded lightly.

Step 2: Paint. I choose a blue. I used a brush. Wasn't rocket science.

Step 3: Paint 2-3 coats.

Step 4: I brushed a stain on (dark chocolate brown). I brushed it on the entire piece vanity. After I applied everywhere, I wiped off in the order I applied. I did this twice. I wanted it to take better in the grooves.

Step 5: I was bored. It was so solid and so blue. So I was at Joanne's and found some great paper. Since I heart Mod Podge, it was perfect. I made a pattern with regular paper and used it to cut the scrapbooking paper. The drawers were a piece of cake, the front piece was bigger than the paper, so I had to match the paper the best I could. I put a coat of Mod Podge on the front of the vanity, then on the back of the paper and stuck it on. Waited 30 minutes and applied a coat of Mod Podge to the front. I did 3 coats over the top.

Step 6: I VERY LIGHTLY and with a very LIGHT GRIT sand paper, sanded over the paper.

Step 7: I used the same stain over the paper. Wiped it off. 3 times.

Step 8: I used a spray paint poly top coat, sprayed the whole thing.

Vanity: Free (Thanks Grandma Bird)
Paint: $18
Stain: already had a can, couple bucks?
Top Coat: Already had it (everyone should, same with the stain, so handy) $3
Scrapbooking paper: 3 sheets 3/$1

Time: Total, about 2 hours of work. 3 days including waiting and setting times.

Mirror Before:

I painted it with the same Blue paint. Tape it off. Paint 2 coats. Rubbed same stain on. Sprayed Poly spray paint.

Mirror: Free. These mirrors are so easy to find at garage sales and DI, but this was also Grandma Birds.
Paint & Stain: Same from the table, spray paint works awesome on these mirrors though.
Time: 20 minutes.

The Final Products!!! I love them They turned out great!!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wait for it....

Look what I made:

I love it.
It is probably my favorite piece of furniture I have ever refinished. Writing up the How-to tonight.

It'll go up really soon...