Monday, April 27, 2009


This is a fast and easy project. Great for the spring.
Sunny loves flip flops. But hates anything "boring". You have probably made these before, but we have been averaging about a pair a week around here, so I thought I would remind you of the easy project.

We buy our flip flops at JoAnn's. We bought them for 2.99 a pair.
We buy remnants of fabric also at JoAnn's or just use a mix of anything we have laying around at home.
Cut into strips and tie them on in knots. Trim them shorter if you want (Sunny likes hers on the longer side because it looks "crazier").

Emily did a "FLIP-FLOP BIRTHDAY PARTY"and it turned out great. Check it out!

This week I am working on finishing out my hair salon so I will post projects along the way:
Pulling out carpet
painting the floor
possibly laying tile if I don't like the painted floor
painting furniture
installing sinks
shopping my house for fabulous salon decor

See you soon!