Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lunch Time: Costco Style

My kids love samples at Costco. I know I got this idea from somewhere, on the internet, but forgive me for forgetting where. I can't remember but I LOVED the idea. So I copied! And now you can too! My kids love "Costco Lunch" and ask for it probably once a week. It is fun.

When I made this particular lunch, we had just moved in the new house and the only muffin tins I had were the large, 12 cup tin. So we shared. 2 kids to 1 tin.

Sit down, Relax.... Go the bathroom!

The bathroom of this new house was....well, it was nasty. We had it cleaned but one bathroom, the one that guests would use, was pretty yucky. Nothing paint can't fix, right? None of the bathrooms had towel racks. Just giant holes where a towel rod once was... and was yanked off the wall with great force. Also, all the bathroom cabinets have holes for hardware, but no hardware.

We moved in the house and had 2 weeks to unpack and do some settling so that my in-laws could come stay with my kids while we went to Hawaii. So I had 2 weeks. TWO WEEKS. That is not very much time. To settle in. Do some unpacking. Pack and prepare for a trip. Prepare to leave kids. And? Paint my bathroom cabinets!!!

They were stained at one point, just a boring color. Oak, but a the stain was a dark oak. They did a crappy job. They didn't tape anything off so there is stain on the walls. Which still needs to be touched-up but did I mention I only had 2 weeks?!


see the oak color? boring. also, see that weird shower head? needs to go, yeah?

See the stain on the wall? TAPE!!!
Painting Cabinets is such an easy way to update a room. I redid our Kitchen in our house in Arizona. It was a much bigger job than the dinky little bathroom, though.

Painting Cabinets:
1. remove doors and drawers (and hardware if you have it)
2. Sand. I just sand lightly. If you sand TOO much than too much of the natural grain is exposed and will show through your paint, which wasn't the look I wanted. Just rough it up good so the paint adheres better
3. Tape off. Don't be silly like the last owner. You don't want people to know you painted them yourself.
4. Paint! I either use a small roller (the 4 inch one) or a brush. In my Kitchen I did acoat of primer. I did not prime this project. Use glossy paint, I use a kitchen/bathroom latex paint... holds up better in the bathroom.
5. Keep Painting. I do 3 coats. I still need to do some touch ups, but... that whole 2 weeks bit.
6. Let the paint set!!! Be patient. You DO NOT want to put things back together pre-maturely. Trust me. I let it set for 2 days. Other wise the paint sticks and peels where the doors and drawers meet the base.

Piece of cake!!!

Now that I am home from Hawaii, I need to do touch-ups... But it looks way better!!

Nice, huh? What a difference!! I just did a chocolate brown. It seemed the most neutral. I like to change my mind on decor a lot, so this was a good color I could do a lot with. I used Brown and green in the decor.

Project #2 for the bathroom:

Towel Rack. I do not have a before picture. But imagine you have a rod hanging on your wall. Now imagine your child hanging from it (if you have kids like mine, that is probably not hard to imagine at all). Now imagine hearing a crashing thud and running into the bathroom to find 2 GIANT holes where your towel rod used to be. And if your imagination is like mine, you also see your child with a very terrified look on his face. Except in reality, it wasn't MY child who tore this particular rod off the wall. But it creates the "Before" visual nicely.

I bought a wooden cupboard door in the "as-is" section of IKEA (Holla!! I love the as-is section. Just projects waiting to happen!!!) for 49 CENTS!!! WOOT!! The hinge was broken. But WHO CARES!!! I was taking the hinges off anyway!

1. Paint the door with the same paint I used on my cabinets
2. Do a second and third coat.
3. Use long wood screws (I used 4, one on each side) to screw it into the wall
4. screw on the hooks (that I also purchased at IKEA, 2/$9.99)
5. Hang your cute new towels that you just found at Target


I did paint over the screws once it was hung, I just took the picture before that.

I also had Ryan switch out that weird alien shower head:

There is a kinda funny glare I see on the Towel Rack. But this is a project blog, not a photography blog so I am going to ignore it.

You could do some distressing on both the cabinets and the towel holder-thingy. I decided not to. Everything I paint I distress, so I decided to let this be. If you want to though, jut sand the edges and rough it up a little. You can do a stain afterward on the areas you sanded.

While we are talking about it, here is a picture of the finished project of my kitchen cabinets. You can do it!! It was fun! And I loved, every time I walked in the kitchen I was so proud of it. Because I did it.

So have fun!!! It is easy!! And MUCH less expensive (and more satisfying) than paying someone else to do it!