Thursday, January 22, 2009

Good News!!

All of my projects came to a screeching halt when we found out we were going to have to move. But I have good news! We bought a new house!!! And with the new house comes several new projects. First up, I am refinishing cabinets. Again! Because it didn't stink enough the first time! Also, I am finishing all of my almost finished furniture while I have my paint sprayer at work. Plus, we are not moving again, for a VERY LONG time. So I am actually doing things instead of filing away ideas for the house we are gonna live in for a long time. Because after nearly 5 years of trying, we finally got the house we are staying in for a very long time. I have things waiting for me, and I promise I will be a lot less talk and a lot more action.

For now, I pack.