Sunday, November 1, 2009

Antiqued Pumpkins

I know Halloween is over, but Pumpkins make fabulous decorations through all of November, too.

What you'll need:
Painter's Tape
White Spray Paint
Stain (whatever color you have handy)
A really cute helper (I prefer ones named "Sunny")

Tape off the stem like this:
Next, Pray paint it white. Cover it well.

Wait for it to dry...duh :)

Use a damp cloth and carefully (and lightly) wipe the stain on.
Careful so you don't rub the white spray paint right off.

I let Sunny wipe the stain on (which was a mistake because she FREAKED when she got it on her hands and arms. She panicked thinking it would never come off. Then she said "UGH! Now my arms are gonna look like yours!!!")

Tie a ribbon around your stem.

Easy Enough:

Thanks to SweetPea for another FABULOUS idea!!!