Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fabric Flowers. LOTS of fabric flowers...

My creative and talented sister, Gina, was in town all week and she showed me what she has been making lately.

I loved them. And have ALWAYS wanted to attempt them.

We made several different styles. All of them were cheap. And all of them were VERY EASY.

You'll need:
Hot Glue Gun
varying shapes of circles (cups, mugs, whatever)
Needle and Thread
Remnant Fabrics
Optional: tulle

Here is the first one. Super Easy. Just cut about 8 layers of circles. Varying fabrics. Big to small. Do mostly fabric, but mix in a layer or two of felt and you can also add in a layer or two of tulle. The differing textures add a lot.

Layer the circles (as shown below) and then sew the button in the center. Let the fabric pucker a little when you sew your button, it adds uniqueness. :)

The next one needs just 3 layers. Small, medium and big. Cut a circle in the middle also. Like this:

(This picture doesn't show the size difference, but there is a difference)

I saw similar ones HERE.

I used a plastic cup, the big end, upside down, for the largest and just found cups smaller and smaller.

Stitch around the center circle with a needle and thread, pull it tight, so the circle scrunches closed and puckers up and repeat with each layer. Add a button. And your done. I didn't mind when the layers weren't completely centered. Still darling.

The next one I found HERE. I love this one. A little bit more work, but that means 10 minutes instead of 8... So worth it. They look fabulous. Follow her instructions. I printed the pattern and pinned it onto the fabric. I love these ones. I don't love the buttons I used, but it was what I had.

Besides the cute headband, how cute are these two?!?

This one TOTALLY needs a button with Red in it. But alas, I did not have one...

This last one I hope I explain okay. These are really easy, but I learned it best when I sat and made them with Gina. So cut out 8 CIRCLES OF FELT. We used the thread spool for our pattern. You will need 8. Fold them in quarters and stitch 4 circles (folded in quarters) together. Stitch it about 2/3's out toward the edge...

So you will have 4 of your circles stitched like the picture above. Are you following this? It is so easy, but tough to explain.

Then you will start the next layer of 4 CIRCLES. You will off center it from your first layer. Stitch this one just at the point...

When your done, shape it as needed and your done. On this headband Gina is wearing, she made a second flower with smaller circles and hot glued them both on next to each other.

I have been loving these ones. Some of them we put buttons in. All of them we loved. Most of them we made with Felt, one we made with a regular cotton fabric.

Hot Glue any of the flowers on a headband, stitch it to a bobby pin or I used a safety pin to pin it to a cardigan. Glue them onto your favorite flats. OR: I have a very plain pair of tan flats. I think I will attach velcro to the shoes and then velcro to the flowers, so I can change the flowers to match my outfit. You could also put them on a purse. I pinned one to the end of my scarf and it looks pretty dang cute, too. The possibilities are endless and so much fun.

I bought the cheap goody fabric covered headbands (at Target they were a 5 pack for $2.99) and cut the fabric and pull it off. It is the cheapest route.

Have Fun!!! I promise they are ADDICTING. You need one in every shape and color. Right???

Saturday, October 10, 2009


I have stayed up every night this week making something.
I have made several.
Every night.

They are cute.

I can't seem to make enough.

I will write up a post about it tomorrow.

Because tonight?
I have to make one to match my outfit for church tomorrow.

Wait for it....