Sunday, June 14, 2009

Creative Writing

I had so much fun with the Window Chalkboard a few weeks ago, that I decided to do another chalkboard paint project.

So forgive me. This is not an original idea, I saw a picture of this somewhere on the internet when I was blog-hopping and I do not know where. But I filed it away in my brain and when I was shopping this weekend at TaiPan Trading Company, I saw a plate I loved and new it would be perfect.

Step 1: Find a plate you can't live without. :)

Step 2: Tape it off. Leave a square in the center

Step 3: Go grab that Chalk Board Spray Paint again. I did 2 coats. Waited about 20 minutes in between coats. Let it cure again. 24 Hours.

Step 4: Remove tape. Wrap the chalk in a damp paper towel for a second before you write on it so the chalk is soft.

Step 5: Remind your family how awesome you are. Display it for all to see.


That's it. So easy and super cute. I really wish I could find the picture I had seen somewhere. I have no idea. But thanks, random picture, I love it.

It is a great gift idea, I already gave 2 away for birthdays.


Alissa said...

my bday: sept 13th.

Erin said...

I love this idea. My sister has done some of these. I am trying to find just the right plate so I can do it to.

Gina @ The Shabby Chic Cottage said...

Leigh at Bloggeritaville where you saw it. She rocks! Yours looks great, too!

Hope you join the Chalkboard Party next week, you've got tons to show off!

Blackeyedsue said...

I am going to do that for my new house...and basically EVERYTHING else on your blog! You are AWESOME!

Lei said...

I saw those plates last week! I miss UT. :( I had never been to TP before, can you believe it?

JD said...

This is such a cute Idea!! Thanks for posting it.
Jen Ditty AKA JD

Renee said...

This is such a cute Idea!!!!She rocks! Yours looks great, too!
Thanks for posting it...
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