Sunday, November 1, 2009

Antiqued Pumpkins

I know Halloween is over, but Pumpkins make fabulous decorations through all of November, too.

What you'll need:
Painter's Tape
White Spray Paint
Stain (whatever color you have handy)
A really cute helper (I prefer ones named "Sunny")

Tape off the stem like this:
Next, Pray paint it white. Cover it well.

Wait for it to dry...duh :)

Use a damp cloth and carefully (and lightly) wipe the stain on.
Careful so you don't rub the white spray paint right off.

I let Sunny wipe the stain on (which was a mistake because she FREAKED when she got it on her hands and arms. She panicked thinking it would never come off. Then she said "UGH! Now my arms are gonna look like yours!!!")

Tie a ribbon around your stem.

Easy Enough:

Thanks to SweetPea for another FABULOUS idea!!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fabric Flowers. LOTS of fabric flowers...

My creative and talented sister, Gina, was in town all week and she showed me what she has been making lately.

I loved them. And have ALWAYS wanted to attempt them.

We made several different styles. All of them were cheap. And all of them were VERY EASY.

You'll need:
Hot Glue Gun
varying shapes of circles (cups, mugs, whatever)
Needle and Thread
Remnant Fabrics
Optional: tulle

Here is the first one. Super Easy. Just cut about 8 layers of circles. Varying fabrics. Big to small. Do mostly fabric, but mix in a layer or two of felt and you can also add in a layer or two of tulle. The differing textures add a lot.

Layer the circles (as shown below) and then sew the button in the center. Let the fabric pucker a little when you sew your button, it adds uniqueness. :)

The next one needs just 3 layers. Small, medium and big. Cut a circle in the middle also. Like this:

(This picture doesn't show the size difference, but there is a difference)

I saw similar ones HERE.

I used a plastic cup, the big end, upside down, for the largest and just found cups smaller and smaller.

Stitch around the center circle with a needle and thread, pull it tight, so the circle scrunches closed and puckers up and repeat with each layer. Add a button. And your done. I didn't mind when the layers weren't completely centered. Still darling.

The next one I found HERE. I love this one. A little bit more work, but that means 10 minutes instead of 8... So worth it. They look fabulous. Follow her instructions. I printed the pattern and pinned it onto the fabric. I love these ones. I don't love the buttons I used, but it was what I had.

Besides the cute headband, how cute are these two?!?

This one TOTALLY needs a button with Red in it. But alas, I did not have one...

This last one I hope I explain okay. These are really easy, but I learned it best when I sat and made them with Gina. So cut out 8 CIRCLES OF FELT. We used the thread spool for our pattern. You will need 8. Fold them in quarters and stitch 4 circles (folded in quarters) together. Stitch it about 2/3's out toward the edge...

So you will have 4 of your circles stitched like the picture above. Are you following this? It is so easy, but tough to explain.

Then you will start the next layer of 4 CIRCLES. You will off center it from your first layer. Stitch this one just at the point...

When your done, shape it as needed and your done. On this headband Gina is wearing, she made a second flower with smaller circles and hot glued them both on next to each other.

I have been loving these ones. Some of them we put buttons in. All of them we loved. Most of them we made with Felt, one we made with a regular cotton fabric.

Hot Glue any of the flowers on a headband, stitch it to a bobby pin or I used a safety pin to pin it to a cardigan. Glue them onto your favorite flats. OR: I have a very plain pair of tan flats. I think I will attach velcro to the shoes and then velcro to the flowers, so I can change the flowers to match my outfit. You could also put them on a purse. I pinned one to the end of my scarf and it looks pretty dang cute, too. The possibilities are endless and so much fun.

I bought the cheap goody fabric covered headbands (at Target they were a 5 pack for $2.99) and cut the fabric and pull it off. It is the cheapest route.

Have Fun!!! I promise they are ADDICTING. You need one in every shape and color. Right???

Saturday, October 10, 2009


I have stayed up every night this week making something.
I have made several.
Every night.

They are cute.

I can't seem to make enough.

I will write up a post about it tomorrow.

Because tonight?
I have to make one to match my outfit for church tomorrow.

Wait for it....

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Leave a message...

My kids love these plates. Their favorite thing to do with them is write how many days until their birthday. Sometimes the number on it is over 100. :)

It is easy. Not kidding. I buy my plates at Hobby Lobby. I think they are between $2.00 and $4.00. I string ribbon through. Then I write on it, with Dry Erase markers. That's it.

They make great gifts. This particular one was a Thank You gift, in case you couldn't tell...

I have only found about 3 plates that the Dry Erase Markers don't work on, one from Cost Plus and 2 from Target. Just test the marker on the back of the plate. If you really love it but you can't erase the marker, paint it with a spray paint, clear lacquer. You should be fine writing on it.

Happy Writing!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ice Cream Sundays

My husband has a calling at church that requires me to sit alone. Hardly alone, actually. More like parent alone. So every Sunday morning I get the kids ready and to church with plenty of time to sit close enough to the stand that Dad can give a threatening look if necessary.

My kids are young. 11, 9, 7, 6 and 4. They are okay at church. But when I am going it alone... okay doesn't always work. They need a little motivation.

My kids love ice cream, so every Sunday they start with 3 scoops of ice cream. During the hour+ meeting at church, if they are naughty, they do not get a threat from me. They do not get taken out. They get something much worse. They get 1 scoop taken away. THE HORROR!!! I made a little folder to take to church with velcro ice cream scoops. So when they are naughty, 1 scoop goes. If they get mad and even NAUGHTIER because I took a scoop, it's easy. I take 1 more.

At night when Ryan gets home, we sit down and enjoy whatever amount of scoops each child managed to keep. Sometimes, they earn chocolate sauce or sprinkles.

Today at church was day 1. My kids were angels. They have never sat so still, so straight and tall with arms folded and mouths closed. It.was.awesome! I sat in church, listening. Actually listening! I wondered why on earth I had not ever done this before. Why didn't I make this years ago?!?



Sunday, June 14, 2009

Creative Writing

I had so much fun with the Window Chalkboard a few weeks ago, that I decided to do another chalkboard paint project.

So forgive me. This is not an original idea, I saw a picture of this somewhere on the internet when I was blog-hopping and I do not know where. But I filed it away in my brain and when I was shopping this weekend at TaiPan Trading Company, I saw a plate I loved and new it would be perfect.

Step 1: Find a plate you can't live without. :)

Step 2: Tape it off. Leave a square in the center

Step 3: Go grab that Chalk Board Spray Paint again. I did 2 coats. Waited about 20 minutes in between coats. Let it cure again. 24 Hours.

Step 4: Remove tape. Wrap the chalk in a damp paper towel for a second before you write on it so the chalk is soft.

Step 5: Remind your family how awesome you are. Display it for all to see.


That's it. So easy and super cute. I really wish I could find the picture I had seen somewhere. I have no idea. But thanks, random picture, I love it.

It is a great gift idea, I already gave 2 away for birthdays.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Well, it only took 2 years.

I tend to procrastinate. Just a little.
2 years ago, I bought an armoire from my sister.
She was going to sell it on Craigslist, I needed an armoire.
So I bought it with intentions of painting it and doing all kinds of cute stuff with it.
Then we moved. Like, 3 times or something.
Then I tackled the kitchen cabinet redo. It was a big job.
So I swore off painting anything.
...that only lasted about 2 weeks.
But I swore off painting anything big with a brush.
So I bought a paint sprayer. Which I am totally in love with.

This is the armoire before. It is big. And as a side note, aren't my nieces and nephews the cutest?

I loved the shape, but it was not really my style. I ditched the side pieces (well, I put them in the garage, where they are waiting to be ditched. still.) because I had NO room anywhere for such a big piece.

So I painted it. With the sprayer I purchased for the project, I painted the whole thing in about 40 minutes.

Then it sat.
Which actually turned out to be a good thing. I had all kinds of plans for it. And then they kept changing. Color schemes changed a few times, too. Then we bought our new house. It was supposed to be a home for the television in the family room in the basement. But the beast would NOT fit down the stairs and around the corner.
I wasn't willing to get rid of it so it made it's way to the kitchen.
Where it sat. Still unfinished. Until today.
There was a giant hole cut out in the back so that a big TV could fit in there.
Here it is midway. Painted black, sanded a little and needing beadboard. Waiting for curtains and drawers.

I made curtains for the bottom. I put new drawer pulls. And added the bead board. And here is the finished project......


Now, all I need is some cut stuff to put in there. I think I am also going to put a shelf in there. I am going garage selling this Saturday, so it should be full of old, new to me, stuff!!!

Feels good to finally have it done.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I know, you have been on the edge of your seat, right?!

I stumbled across what quickly became one of my favorite Blogs... The Shabby Chic Cottage. Gina can seriously transform anything you think is junk into something you wish you could buy. For real.

I have a stack of old windows. I am addicted to them, really. If I see one I cannot pass it up, but I have been needing something fabulous to do with them.

I would give you the play by play tutorial, but it is easier to link you to Gina's tutorial. Go see how to do it HERE. It was really easy. The hardest part was just as she said... the 24 hour waiting period.

Please ignore how smashing I am looking tonight... Why am I in the picture?!

Anyway, I love it!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Longest 24 hours. Ever.

I just made something really cute.
I can't wait to show you.
But I have to.
My Paint will take 24 hours to cure.
The longest 24 hours.
I have not been this excited since I finished my Vanity, like, a week and a half ago.
Gina, You are FABULOUS.
Pictures and Links tomorrow.

In the meantime, leave me a link to one of your favorite projects.
Inspire me.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Fab Floor

And so easy!!
Here is the room before:
First, I scoured the internet. I had NO IDEA how hard it would be to find Black and White Vinyl tiles. I went to every flooring store in all of Salt Lake County. NOTHING. Lowe's carries it but only at the "midwest" stores. I could have ordered it from them but it was pricey and wold have taken 5-8 weeks to get here. Forget that.

I finally found them at a wholesale website. If I could remember the link I would tell you. So they were a great price, ($9/box, 30 tiles/box) best I could find anywhere. But.... shipping was nuts. The total cost of my tile was about $60. I ordered plenty so that if a tile ever needed to be replaced, I would have plenty left over. Shipping was $100!!! YIKES!!!

They are the peel and stick. Self-adhesive, giant vinyl stickers.

They were here quick, about 5 business days.

Next I tore out the carpet. I did not even break a single fingernail in the process. Which, in my book makes for a very successful project!

Next, just to be sure it stuck well, I primed the floor. I bought a primer at Home Depot. It came in a gallon, I poured it all over the floor and rolled it with a paint roller. Not perfect, just got it on there. In hindsight, I would have done a leveler, which basically levels out your subfloor before you lay your tile. My floor was level, except where the board seams were, they didn't match perfectly, so I wish I would have filled it. But oh well. Not a perfectionist, remember?

Next I laid the tile. I sectioned the room in quarters, finding the middle point and working out.
Peel off the backing, and get it as close and tight to the other tiles.

On edges, I used a piece of paper as a pattern to know how much to cut. Corners, anywhere, make a pattern with paper so it fits snug.

Someday I will lower my baseboards, but not this week.

It took about 30 minutes to lay all the uncut pieces and about 1.5 hours to do all the cut pieces.

I LOVE it. It makes the room.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Vanity and Mirror

Thanks for being patient (cough Deanna cough... just kidding, hot stuff)!!

So this is the table before:
Step 1: I roughed it up. On the table top, the paint was really peeling and cracking bad, so I completely sanded that. The legs, sides and drawers, I just sanded lightly.

Step 2: Paint. I choose a blue. I used a brush. Wasn't rocket science.

Step 3: Paint 2-3 coats.

Step 4: I brushed a stain on (dark chocolate brown). I brushed it on the entire piece vanity. After I applied everywhere, I wiped off in the order I applied. I did this twice. I wanted it to take better in the grooves.

Step 5: I was bored. It was so solid and so blue. So I was at Joanne's and found some great paper. Since I heart Mod Podge, it was perfect. I made a pattern with regular paper and used it to cut the scrapbooking paper. The drawers were a piece of cake, the front piece was bigger than the paper, so I had to match the paper the best I could. I put a coat of Mod Podge on the front of the vanity, then on the back of the paper and stuck it on. Waited 30 minutes and applied a coat of Mod Podge to the front. I did 3 coats over the top.

Step 6: I VERY LIGHTLY and with a very LIGHT GRIT sand paper, sanded over the paper.

Step 7: I used the same stain over the paper. Wiped it off. 3 times.

Step 8: I used a spray paint poly top coat, sprayed the whole thing.

Vanity: Free (Thanks Grandma Bird)
Paint: $18
Stain: already had a can, couple bucks?
Top Coat: Already had it (everyone should, same with the stain, so handy) $3
Scrapbooking paper: 3 sheets 3/$1

Time: Total, about 2 hours of work. 3 days including waiting and setting times.

Mirror Before:

I painted it with the same Blue paint. Tape it off. Paint 2 coats. Rubbed same stain on. Sprayed Poly spray paint.

Mirror: Free. These mirrors are so easy to find at garage sales and DI, but this was also Grandma Birds.
Paint & Stain: Same from the table, spray paint works awesome on these mirrors though.
Time: 20 minutes.

The Final Products!!! I love them They turned out great!!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wait for it....

Look what I made:

I love it.
It is probably my favorite piece of furniture I have ever refinished. Writing up the How-to tonight.

It'll go up really soon...

Monday, April 27, 2009


This is a fast and easy project. Great for the spring.
Sunny loves flip flops. But hates anything "boring". You have probably made these before, but we have been averaging about a pair a week around here, so I thought I would remind you of the easy project.

We buy our flip flops at JoAnn's. We bought them for 2.99 a pair.
We buy remnants of fabric also at JoAnn's or just use a mix of anything we have laying around at home.
Cut into strips and tie them on in knots. Trim them shorter if you want (Sunny likes hers on the longer side because it looks "crazier").

Emily did a "FLIP-FLOP BIRTHDAY PARTY"and it turned out great. Check it out!

This week I am working on finishing out my hair salon so I will post projects along the way:
Pulling out carpet
painting the floor
possibly laying tile if I don't like the painted floor
painting furniture
installing sinks
shopping my house for fabulous salon decor

See you soon!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lunch Time: Costco Style

My kids love samples at Costco. I know I got this idea from somewhere, on the internet, but forgive me for forgetting where. I can't remember but I LOVED the idea. So I copied! And now you can too! My kids love "Costco Lunch" and ask for it probably once a week. It is fun.

When I made this particular lunch, we had just moved in the new house and the only muffin tins I had were the large, 12 cup tin. So we shared. 2 kids to 1 tin.

Sit down, Relax.... Go the bathroom!

The bathroom of this new house was....well, it was nasty. We had it cleaned but one bathroom, the one that guests would use, was pretty yucky. Nothing paint can't fix, right? None of the bathrooms had towel racks. Just giant holes where a towel rod once was... and was yanked off the wall with great force. Also, all the bathroom cabinets have holes for hardware, but no hardware.

We moved in the house and had 2 weeks to unpack and do some settling so that my in-laws could come stay with my kids while we went to Hawaii. So I had 2 weeks. TWO WEEKS. That is not very much time. To settle in. Do some unpacking. Pack and prepare for a trip. Prepare to leave kids. And? Paint my bathroom cabinets!!!

They were stained at one point, just a boring color. Oak, but a the stain was a dark oak. They did a crappy job. They didn't tape anything off so there is stain on the walls. Which still needs to be touched-up but did I mention I only had 2 weeks?!


see the oak color? boring. also, see that weird shower head? needs to go, yeah?

See the stain on the wall? TAPE!!!
Painting Cabinets is such an easy way to update a room. I redid our Kitchen in our house in Arizona. It was a much bigger job than the dinky little bathroom, though.

Painting Cabinets:
1. remove doors and drawers (and hardware if you have it)
2. Sand. I just sand lightly. If you sand TOO much than too much of the natural grain is exposed and will show through your paint, which wasn't the look I wanted. Just rough it up good so the paint adheres better
3. Tape off. Don't be silly like the last owner. You don't want people to know you painted them yourself.
4. Paint! I either use a small roller (the 4 inch one) or a brush. In my Kitchen I did acoat of primer. I did not prime this project. Use glossy paint, I use a kitchen/bathroom latex paint... holds up better in the bathroom.
5. Keep Painting. I do 3 coats. I still need to do some touch ups, but... that whole 2 weeks bit.
6. Let the paint set!!! Be patient. You DO NOT want to put things back together pre-maturely. Trust me. I let it set for 2 days. Other wise the paint sticks and peels where the doors and drawers meet the base.

Piece of cake!!!

Now that I am home from Hawaii, I need to do touch-ups... But it looks way better!!

Nice, huh? What a difference!! I just did a chocolate brown. It seemed the most neutral. I like to change my mind on decor a lot, so this was a good color I could do a lot with. I used Brown and green in the decor.

Project #2 for the bathroom:

Towel Rack. I do not have a before picture. But imagine you have a rod hanging on your wall. Now imagine your child hanging from it (if you have kids like mine, that is probably not hard to imagine at all). Now imagine hearing a crashing thud and running into the bathroom to find 2 GIANT holes where your towel rod used to be. And if your imagination is like mine, you also see your child with a very terrified look on his face. Except in reality, it wasn't MY child who tore this particular rod off the wall. But it creates the "Before" visual nicely.

I bought a wooden cupboard door in the "as-is" section of IKEA (Holla!! I love the as-is section. Just projects waiting to happen!!!) for 49 CENTS!!! WOOT!! The hinge was broken. But WHO CARES!!! I was taking the hinges off anyway!

1. Paint the door with the same paint I used on my cabinets
2. Do a second and third coat.
3. Use long wood screws (I used 4, one on each side) to screw it into the wall
4. screw on the hooks (that I also purchased at IKEA, 2/$9.99)
5. Hang your cute new towels that you just found at Target


I did paint over the screws once it was hung, I just took the picture before that.

I also had Ryan switch out that weird alien shower head:

There is a kinda funny glare I see on the Towel Rack. But this is a project blog, not a photography blog so I am going to ignore it.

You could do some distressing on both the cabinets and the towel holder-thingy. I decided not to. Everything I paint I distress, so I decided to let this be. If you want to though, jut sand the edges and rough it up a little. You can do a stain afterward on the areas you sanded.

While we are talking about it, here is a picture of the finished project of my kitchen cabinets. You can do it!! It was fun! And I loved, every time I walked in the kitchen I was so proud of it. Because I did it.

So have fun!!! It is easy!! And MUCH less expensive (and more satisfying) than paying someone else to do it!


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Good News!!

All of my projects came to a screeching halt when we found out we were going to have to move. But I have good news! We bought a new house!!! And with the new house comes several new projects. First up, I am refinishing cabinets. Again! Because it didn't stink enough the first time! Also, I am finishing all of my almost finished furniture while I have my paint sprayer at work. Plus, we are not moving again, for a VERY LONG time. So I am actually doing things instead of filing away ideas for the house we are gonna live in for a long time. Because after nearly 5 years of trying, we finally got the house we are staying in for a very long time. I have things waiting for me, and I promise I will be a lot less talk and a lot more action.

For now, I pack.