Saturday, October 11, 2008

Waiting for my paint to dry!

I am in the middle of making some stuff. Paint needs to dry so I can finish and I will be back!

You guys are sooo funny! :) I am actually refinishing a table. That takes time, ya know!?! Like, a whole pay period ;) 

Give me a link to something you made and I will post that while I refinish. 


Madz said...

I haven't discovered this blog until now! It is really awesome! I love it! You guys do an awesome job!

Casey Lu said...

Still waiting for your paint to dry? LOL, just kidding Linsey! Can't wait to see what your making! Love the magnets and tutu's! Morgan is dieing for me to make her one now!

Kid Chocolate said...

What kind of paint are you using? LOL