Saturday, October 11, 2008

Waiting for my paint to dry!

I am in the middle of making some stuff. Paint needs to dry so I can finish and I will be back!

You guys are sooo funny! :) I am actually refinishing a table. That takes time, ya know!?! Like, a whole pay period ;) 

Give me a link to something you made and I will post that while I refinish. 

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Stick Your Cute Magnets Here

So I showed you cute magnets. I mentioned I would show you something you could stick them to. I keep seeing cute framed sheet metal. It is always REALLY pricey though. So I made this one.

I like it, but I bought the frame at Michael's and would have preferred a chunkier wood frame. That I could paint myself and distress and stuff. But this is cute for now. I think I will hit D.I. or Goodwill and find a big chunky wooden frame to replace this one eventually. If you do buy it at Michael's or JoAnn's wait until the frames are 50% OFF or you have a 50% off coupon.

What You'll Need:
Sheet Metal (I wanted big, so mine is the pre-cut from Home Depot in 36 x 24)
A frame (that fits whatever size your sheet metal is)
Ribbon or any other embellishments you want

This is easy. Just remove the glass and back of the frame. 

Next, you can tie ribbon around if you want.

Put the sheet metal in. Handle the sheet metal carefully. With gloves if you are smart. I got a nasty giant cut. Think Paper Cut with sheet metal. Put the back of the frame back on.

That's It! How easy is that??? Voila!

Other Ideas:
Like I mentioned, I think it would be way cuter in a better frame. I just didn't have one handy.
Also, if you had a flat frame (one that perhaps you made yourself) you could decoupage the frame. 
You could get tall skinny frames, 2 or 3, and hang them next to each other.

Have Fun!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Hang On!

I am coming, I have 2 projects to post but the batteries in my camera died. I just need to take after pictures of the finished stuff. So I am gonna run to the store today and I will get them up!