Thursday, September 18, 2008

Decoupaged Canvases

I posted a picture of these this week over on my Family Blog and had lots of  people ask me how to make them.

I am almost embarrassed to tell you since it is so easy.  I bought my Canvas at Michael's, it was on sale this week for $1.99 for a 8 x 10. I prefer an even square, but that wasn't on sale. You can find them online for pretty inexpensive (and they have square ones) if you need a lot of them.

Cost: $3-$5 per canvas
Time Required: 10 Minutes (it is that easy) per canvas

What you'll need:

Canvas, scrapbook paper (of your choice), Mod Podge, Paint (color that coordinates with your paper) and a Foam Brush.
First, Paint your Canvas. The edge and about 1/2 inch (or more if you let your sweet daughter help) on the top.

Next, I use the (dry) canvas as a pattern. I trace the canvas. When I cut the paper, I cut just inside of the line. If you want your paper to wraparound the edge a little, then leave it, I don't.

Next, Apply Mod Podge (with the foam brush) to the canvas. I apply pretty liberally to the canvas. Then apply a THIN coat to the back of the paper. Using a light touch, just smooth out the paper on the canvas. Be sure to smooth the edges well. 

LET IT DRY about 15 min. I made 6 at a time. So by the time I applied the paper to each canvas they were dry enough to apply the next coat of Mod Podge. Apply another coat of Mod Podge across the top of the paper and canvas. 

And your done! Voila! 

Before you apply the Final Mod Podge coat, make sure the first is pretty dry or you can get bubbles. 
If you get bubbles, I read somewhere (?) that you can use a blow dryer AFTER IT IS COMPLETELY DRY and i will help the bubbles go down. But if you are patient and smooth the paper on well and let it dry, you should be fine.

You don't have to use Scrapbook Paper. You can use photos or fabric too!!! I LOVE the scrapbook paper that is heavily textured it looks really cool.

My finished project:

Have Fun! Let me know how it goes or if you have questions! 

My friend Lee made some canvases with photos. They turned out awesome!!! 

Next Up: A Tutu-Tutorial


Nettie said...

Those are darling! And so easy looking, maybe I could even do them.

Emily Johnson said...

I am so glad you started this AWESOME blog! YEAH!

Brian, Nikki, and Nevie said...

Hey! What a fabulous idea for a blog! I am going to attempt to make some of these for my living room as soon as I figure out the color scheme I want to go with.

Rocker Mama said...

My Laurels are totally doing this for mutual on Tues night. Thanks for the idea!

Lee said...

I will be stalking this blog non-stop! Love it.

Goat Girl said...

YAY!! I bought a pack of scrapbook paper (Amy Butler) last week to make a Super Saturday clock. I wondered what to do with the rest of it. Thank you!!!

Gwen said...

Yay, I just found your blog (through JoAnna's) I love this idea. I was going to do a framed colage when our little girl arrives but think I'll do this instead..... wish me luck!

Gwen said...

oh, question, do I decopage the back & front of the pic?